Login Page

The same login page is used for all functions. It is accessed from your web browser at a URL of the form "www.myserver.uq.edu.au/~username/IAPRCommence".

After successful login, people will be directed to different pages depending on the privileges of their user name.

What are the Available Privileges?
  • User
  • Reviewer
  • Administrator

User – Users are generally the authors who will submit papers to the conference. The user needs to register with the system to create a login account. The password is emailed to the email address supplied. After receiving a password, they can login to the system and submit papers.

Reviewer – Reviewer accounts are created by the administrator (chair). Once the accounts are created, an email containing the reviewer login name and password will be sent to each reviewer. Then, the reviewer is ready to start bidding or reviewing the papers when the respective phase is enabled.

Administrator – The Administrator or conference chair is the manager of the IAPR COMMENCE system.

The Administrator is responsible for:

  • Changing the phases manually in accordance with the proposed phase dates
  • Setting up reviewer accounts
  • Assigning papers to appropriate reviewers according to their preferences
  • Accepting and Rejecting papers
  • Sending formatted and bulk emails to users to keep them informed on the conference status