The IAPR COMMENCE System is a web application, written in PHP, used for managing Technical Conferences. It provides electronic submission of technical papers or other documents, reviewer assignment, peer reviewing, emailing of letters of acceptance and rejection, and organisation of the proceedings in a form suitable for web, CDROM, or print publication.  It has now been used by dozens of international conferences and has been translated into many languages.

 Project Development Team

Brian Lovell - Project Leader

Sebastian Held
Tim Dettrick

Ting Shan
Min Thu Ya Hlaing
Woon Tah Liang
Valerie Pooh
Ooi Yanheng
Benjamin Lai

The University of Queensland

Universitšt Duisburg
The University of Queensland
The University of Queensland
Singapore Polytechnic
Singapore Polytechnic
Singapore Polytechnic
Nanyang Polytechnic
Nanyang Polytechnic

Where do I get IAPR COMMENCE?

Where do I get IAPR Commence?

  • IAPR Commence is hosted on Sourceforge. The code is free to the scientific community and I intend it to stay that way for the foreseeable future. All I ask is that users drop me an email (lovell@itee.uq.edu.au) to let me know that they are using the code, so I can list their conference on this site. Because the program is licensed free of charge to the scientific community, there is no warranty for the program, to the extent permitted by applicable law. The entire risk as to the quality and performance of the program is with you.
  • The project home page is  http://sourceforge.net/projects/iaprcommence/ and the latest source releases are available from this site.